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Hippo vs crocodile who will win

hippo vs crocodile who will win

Since the question wasn't settled there even after, like, six hoursed, Albert Burneko and Greg Howard have decided to air the question in a public forum.
What I am saying is that the hippopotamus would yawn at the rhinoceros, the rhinoceros would take one look at a mouth large enough to cram a goddamn barbershop quartet into it and powerful enough to section a friggin' crocodile, and the rhinoceros would decide.The Shire River is the most important feature of the park and boasts large concentrations of both hippos and crocodiles.You would think that maybe because of the rhino's suit of ashy-ass leathery armor, hulking traps, and extra weight, a hippo mitchell gold bob williams discount would be faster and more agile, and you'd be wrong as fuck and stupid.You know what happened to that grown man running for his life from a hippo?Why are we still pretending like this is a debate?Rhinos have motherfucking swords attached to their heads.That's skin that can only come from years of gentle living.'It also attracts a lot of different birds - the bird list for the park is over 300 species - my favourite family of birds is the kingfisher and on a good boat ride along the river, I had managed to see five different species.I'll leave you with this.Astonishing moment an angry hippo came face to face with a grumpy croc 14, view comments, after hours waiting beside an African river, Arnaud Germain thought he finally had the perfect shot of his favourite bird.As for me, it was the perfect way to end a truly unforgettable last weekend in Liwonde.' Arnaud is now looking for a publisher to help him make a book about his amazing photographs and experiences in Africa. .
And let me tell you: They knew what they were talking brickyard buffalo coupon code about.
Have you ever seen a rhinoceros bite the jaw off of anything?
'A huge crocodile - probably over 12 foot - lunged at the hippo baby but maternal instincts are very strong in the animal kingdom and mother hippos are no exception.The argument is over, but I'll continue.My esteemed colleague talked about one time when a hippo bit the jaw off a lion.Of 50 eggs laid, only one is likely to survive.The remarkable sequence of events unfolded on Arnaud's 32nd and last trip to the park and made for a event he would never forget.Hippos have big teeth.Weight classes exist for a reason.We're talking about natural ability.I'm sure you'll make noises about how that seemingly ain't-shit hide is simultaneously supple and rugged or whatever, but rhinos are walking around in a suit of ashy-ass leathery armor.Arnaud desperately tried to refocus his camera on the river monsters as they fought on the banks of the Shire River, in the Liwonde National Park, Malawi.Have fred meyer employee discount percentage you ever seen a rhinoceros bite a crocodile in half?