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That's fate being an idiot, or a Jerkass that likes screwing with people for no reason.
And any attempt at arguing that Avatarverse platinum might not correspond to real world platinum (might be stronger, not as heavy) means that it isn't really platinum: it's Unobtanium being called "platinum".
You know, the same Lich King that is trying to kill the player characters and resurrect them as his odeon promo code july 2017 strongest champions in order to wipe out all life on Azeroth.
A voodoo curse had been placed on Martin and his family to explain how a shark understands the concept of revenge and how it's able to keep finding these people.That wouldn't make anything clearer.It goes far deeper than that though, when this explanation didn't go over well, the writers tried for a different one: the crest powers were used to awaken and free the Harmonious Ones that were sealed away by the Dark Masters.Why didn't they just colonize another planet?In the extended edition it's revealed that Luthor blackmailed her into doing it, but then she has a change of heart and comes clean to a Senator.Do the delivery guys just simply never tell anybody else that they found a colony of weird, pizza-loving mutants in the sewer?Highlander : Highlander II: The Quickening decided that the Immortals were actually a race of alien political exiles, which raises the following questions: When Christopher Lambert asks Sean Connery why certain people are immortal and others aren't, what was all that "Why does key bank gift card pin the sun.
However, when it came time to do a spinoff featuring the Minions, that was understandably too restrictive, so the Minions instead became creatures that existed since the dawn of time to serve evil.
Are cleric spells just less complicated, or something?
Gadd can't simply pixelate them one at a time.
No word of how it even got made or where it came from, it just exists.It's been suggested that the ship's replicators can work backwards, turning matter into energy.And the Square-Cube Law is being completely ignored either way.Superman can traditionally detect lead; he can smell it with his Super Senses, and in the comics he can quite explicitly see lead itself just not what's behind.While this interpretation is viable, it only raises further questions, such as, why would something as mundane as chariots be a bigger advantage than having an omnipotent God on your side?Does Batman have Bat-hypnosis?Most of them made sense (Jules would die because the process would restore his old war wounds, the Dragons weren't on the surface when it happened) Bunnie's explanation on the other hand.Basically: near the end of the story, the villain has used his transformation machine to turn into a duplicate of Mickey.The book claims that the repeated shark attacks are the result of Michael being cursed by a voodoo priest, who apparently had a "score to settle".Why does no one seem to think to weaponize this weakness?