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Sas 4 augment rewards

sas 4 augment rewards

Later the armor buffs are multiplied by BAE they become really strong imo.
I recommend 1 point till level 20 and aiming for 5-10 points later.
(This build should help you stay alive longer in newly unlocked game mode nightmare mode) On a level 60 heavy you should have, in my opinion, have the following skills already: 25 TB, 25 BAE, 7 Heavy gear, 1 HTL, jacob's creek wine gift set 1 CS, 1 DAD.Towards the end u might want to aim at around 15 to 25, i have seen different maximum gift limit 2014 builds.But for start I would recommend only 1 point.But imo medic is a good starter class as those damage optimizations are rather late game options.Edit November 2015 on Alloys The new alloys allow u to craft new, clean 10* armor and 10* weapons.Just reduce some defensive skills (like BAE, Reload, Medikit, enterprise vouchers 2017 Reload) and invest more in aggro (like Crit, Adren, Killing Spree).For more damage builds: The sample builds in the following section are rather defensvie setups._Die Another Day Has a fixed and high Cooldown, reduces the damage taken by 90 and starts with 4 s duration.Heavy and Assault could think about using one backup weapon (maybe the pistol) with Bio to regain some HP against easy opponents.In my opinion, the final build you want for a heavy is: 15 BAE, 25 TB, 25 Hold the line, 25, Heavy gear, 1 DAD, 1 Critical shot, 5 faster reload and 3 hp regen.For chaining weapons (Trailblazer, Gigavolt and Jupiter) Piercing increases the number of arcs, for all other weapons it increases the piercing effect.
_Medkit_ can heal urself and ur team is the signature skill of the medic.
So u need 2 respec tokens.
Definitely go for 10* Titans mid game.
I reworked some passagescheck it out and keep the feedback coming.Bioclense reduces those resistances by 50 and additionally slows.(Ty for that) I dare to disagree that High Roller has become useles on lower levels.My activity has gone down, but imo this offers a great start for beginners.NK Clan: m/clans/iron-phoenix, nK Profile: m/profile/FsX20Vanilla, facebook: m/fsxvanilla, skype: FsX Vanilla.But still its a bonus.