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Who would win in a fight sonic or shadow

Eggman makes by spin dashing.
Before Sonic fanboys say it, Paper Mario actually is Mario.
Sonic however saves creatures and that is more humane as he google play gift card coupon doesn't slaughter and he has a unique metallica gifts true sense of justice as he lets egg man run away as he is not an anti hero.
Now on another note Mario fights armies most of the time by himself bowsers armies are strong enough to take over any kingdom without problems heck even entire galaxies aren't far from his reach yet Mario beats him still and not only bowser but.If Sonic can smash robots, he can certainly knock Mario out of the way.Counting just one of Mario's RPG games he has 396 mushrooms to heal with.Mario prefers to use tools and eat suspicious mushrooms in order for him to enhance his powers.Sooooooo, multiply 396 by 10 then we also have Paper Mario Thousand Year Door which had endless mushrooms so that just kinda completely puts Sonic's rings to shame.And I don't have a need to bring up power-ups because past arguments explain them.Sonics only power is to spin vigorously.It was proven on multiple occasions and plus, it basically has all the same areas as the Mushroom Kingdom so that just says it there.Marino only does for the princess with shrooms which are heads of the mushroom Kingdom, Marino doesn't save the universe, Rosselina saves.He uses his lighting speed (he moves at an average of 765mph) and ability to spin at an astonishing rate to rip apart his enemies.Mario battles mean looking reptiles like Bowser every day - he can handle a hedgehog, trust.
Mario survived re-entering the atmosphere about 3 times.
This will destroy your whole outlook.
Basically, Mario wins without power-ups.
Sonic is literally invincible and in sonic 3 knuckles surprises him.
Mario can kick a castle to dust, smash bricks and penetrate metal all with bare fists and feet.
Survived a black nova.A quick way to prove Mario is Paper Mario non-canonically is bringing up Paper Mario Sticker Star's commercial.Pyrokinesis (super star saga, partners in time, and all sports he's in, super Mario rpg)ps fire balls go fast enough to break a speed tracker (fyi that's going above mph) ability to enlarge (same affect as mushroom for short period of time super Mario sluggers).Mario can survive a god's electricution and burns.Sonic can react to missiles coming straight at him when he's going as fast as his base form can.Also assuming a Koopa who is by the way, taller than Sonic weighs as much as he does, Mario's Ultra Hammer can knock him clear around Earth in seconds.Bunnerific 5 years ago 0, thumbs up 1, thumbs down, comment).Mario can jump a good 50 feet.