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Why did nelson mandela get the nobel peace prize

Basner law firm, which was owned by a communist, although his increasing commitment to work and activism meant he spent less time with his family.
"I am prepared to die".
Archived from the original (PDF) on Retrieved 11 February 2012.; "No.
To save money and be closer to downtown Johannesburg, Mandela moved into the compound of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association, living among miners of various tribes; as the compound was visited by various chiefs, he once met the Queen Regent of Basutoland.It was during this period that Mandela developed an interest in African history, from elder chiefs who came to the Great Palace on official business.Imprisonment, government authorities arrested Mandela for leading a worker's strike in 1962, and he and several other men were charged with sabotage in 1963.Although it was at this institution that he socialized and learned a great deal about African history and Western culture, he still believed at this point that his destiny was to follow Jongintaba's wishes and become a councilor, and he was, by his own later.These elements drove the couple apart, and they separated in 1992 during the heart of his ANC reorganization.239 Presidency of South Africa: Main article: Presidency of Nelson Mandela The newly elected National Assembly's first act was to formally elect Mandela as South Africa's first black chief executive.
Rita Barnard, The Cambridge Companion to Nelson Mandela Presiding over the transition from apartheid minority rule to a multicultural democracy, Mandela saw national reconciliation as the primary task of his presidency.
Responding to the unrest, the government implemented state of emergency measures, declaring martial law and banning the ANC and PAC; in March, they arrested Mandela and other activists, imprisoning them for five months without charge in the unsanitary conditions of the Pretoria Local prison.
They are named in honor of Alfred Nobel- chemical inventor of dynamite and other high explosives, who ( scrooge-fashion) or perhaps Warbucks fashion- after his death gave the endowment for the various Nobel Prizes- Not all are correctly styled (Peace) prizes, they exist in the.
"Nelson Mandela to be laid to rest on December 15".
The law firm provided free and low-cost legal counsel to unrepresented blacks.
See also References Footnotes "Mandela".
He gained funding for her defence from the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa and from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, but in June 1991 she was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison, reduced to two on appeal.He valerie patisserie discount voucher retained some involvement in international affairs.Mandela impressed them with his discussions of Afrikaner history, and the negotiations led to the Groot Schuur Minute, in which the government lifted the state of emergency.His wife was rarely able to see him, being regularly imprisoned for political activity, and his daughters first visited in December 1975.According to Lodge, Mandela's political thought reflected tensions between his support for liberal democracy and pre-colonial African forms of consensus decision making.Mandela had to keep a delicate balance of political pressure and intense negotiations amid the demonstrations and armed resistance.Retrieved 30 November 2009.With the involvement of the South African Indian Congress, the Coloured People's Congress, the South African Congress of Trade Unions and the Congress of Democrats, the ANC planned a Congress of the People, calling on all South Africans to send in proposals for a post-apartheid.Mandela stayed in the Wesley House dormitory, befriending his own kinsman,.Dixon, Robyn (3 February 2014).Tomaselli, Keyan; Tomaselli, Ruth (2003).In later years, Donald Rickard, a former American diplomat revealed that the Central Intelligence Agency, who feared Mandela's associations with communists, had informed the South African police of his location.

In July 1993, both Mandela and de Klerk visited the US, independently meeting President Bill Clinton and each receiving the Liberty Medal.
Under the Interim Constitution, Inkatha and the National Party were entitled to seats in the government by virtue of winning at least 20 seats.
Held in Johannesburg Prison amid mass protests, they underwent a preparatory examination before being granted bail.