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World of tanks tank win rates

My advice from hard earned experience?
Remember that the data reading process can take some time, so do not worry if it takes more than 10 seconds.Then pick the three or four tanks from that type that you enjoy the most.It is random, and the math adds.I'm not allowed to switch to a different tank type till the next day.I believe that adhering to this has helped my WR and skills.And the temptation to bounce around is tremendous.So why is it that win rates seem to drop on 3x weekends?Yes i think.Basically, give your brain and body a chance to learn those tanks and get good at them.Then why do smart players avoid 3x and 5x weekend play?Clan was dicussing these last night and how bad the E5 was.
And especially when switching tank types.
I try to stick to this advice for myself each day.
It just seems like the math doesn't add up because of forum posts, which are not representative of the real math.
I deindeal discount code have to do this.
DuckBoom, on Apr :45, said: So I have a question. .
Like I used.And play the living snot outa them.Edited by Dr_ownape, 18 February :56.The thing is, that's a false perception.I hover.50-70.You can also leave your comments and suggestions on our forum, choose version : #10131.2.0 #9961.1.0 #96 #9351.0.2 #8921.0.1 #8531.0.0 #8090.9.22 #75.2 #7 #68 #6080.9.20 #5910.9.20 #54 #5 #4820.9.19 #4410.9.18 #4 #38 #3600.9.17 #3110.9.17 #3010.9.16 #2530.9.16 #2490.9.16 #22 #2 #1830.9.15 #350.9.15 #140.9.15 sand0.9.14 #1530.9.13 #760.9.12.And one of the biggest reasons is simply that I love to play all my tanks.The idea that win rates go down on the weekend is a false idea, created by the fact that no on ever bothers to start threads complaining that their win rate goes up on the weekend."now which tank am I in?For every winner there's a loser, so the average win rate on the weekend is just the same as the average win rate during the week.It is just coincidence that the top 7 have all been recently released (caveat on the VK 72 obvs)."Seem" to is the operative word, it's simply not true.Language: RussianEnglish Server: rueuussea.If you notice any bug, please contact.